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    160 PAGES
    230 x 290 mm
    Hardback, paperback
    230 000 CHARACTERS


    This book is all about the art and craft of creating perfumes and fragrances using the same methods as a professional perfumer. It is aboth a practical guide and an educational book. Other books on this subject were published many years ago and are consequently outdated in some respects. Although production methods have changed little, products used to create fragrances and perfume scan vary depending on fashion and taste, as well as by health considerations and the environment.

    This book introduces the technical fundamentals, tools and raw materials required to create perfumes, and how to use them. Although synthetic scents are also used in professional perfumes, the book explains the origin of natural essences and how they are classified and mixed to make new fragrances. It also explains how the sense of smell perceives odors, and how this perception varies over time and is influenced by fashion and culture.